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Web Page Displays

A feature of the LightLink software we are using more these days is the ability to create a display of live call centre data on one, or more, web pages typically via an intranet site.

Web Page 3

Web page displays are much more portable than those that rely on a piece of software to be loaded onto a PC, for instance they can be used on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. They will also work on any platform be it Windows, MAC or Linux.

Web page displays created by LightLink can contain any of the available data that the system is currently gathering, which includes call metrics, RSS feeds and any ODBC data feeds. Also, user messages can be added to the display if required.

The data is typically displayed in a grid format and thresholds can be set to change the colour of each item as its value varies in order to highlight potential issues.

The actual web pages are initially designed by MXD and are usually customised to include the client’s logo, date/time field(s) and an agreed colour scheme. However once these are complete, the client can then change the displayed data and any threshold values using a simple tool provided with the system – there is no need to have any HTML or other web design skills to manage these pages.