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Video Hardware

Where a player PC is used to drive a large screen LCD or other display it is often inconvenient to mount that PC close to the screen. Also, there are times when you may want to drive more than one screen from a single player.


At MXD over the years we have evaluated a number of devices for extending VGA and, latterly, HDMI video signals over CAT5 cable and believe that the MauveCom products are the best for this purpose for the following reasons;

  • The image is often as good as a direct VGA connection with little or no degradation
  • The distance over which the signal can be sent is greater, dependant on model chosen
  • They can often be powered from a single end, usually the transmitter
  • They also support audio as well as video.
  • They offer many options for splitting the video and audio signals to more than one screen


We can advise on the best solution to meet your requirements so please feel free to contact us.