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LightLink is the core product from Inova Solutions and is the heart of any Real Time Display system. It is a well proven solution that is approved by a number of ACD manufacturers including Cisco and Avaya.

Its role can be broken down in to three separate parts;

  • As the Data collector, gathering all the data for display from various sources.
  • As the hub from which data is sent to the various displays.
  • As the Management centre through which all control of the system is made possible.


InovaPP 2012- Basic


Essentially LightLink is a server-based product but the actual ‘server’ can be anything from a Windows XP Pro workstation, a Virtual Server (VM) through to one or more physical servers.

This is a very scalable solution and caters for small systems from one display through to large implementations with multiple data inputs and many hundreds of display devices.

Along with LightLink, Inova provide a number of tools to manage the system, its data inputs and displays and these can be loaded onto a user’s workstation, as appropriate.

LightLink supports many so-called Data Sources that provide or supply the Real-Time data. Often these are from the ACD system and a whole host of these interfaces are available to support the most popular solutions currently in use.

  •   Aspect
  •   Alcatel
  •   Avaya (Definity – BCMS – CMS – Aura)
  •   Cisco (UCCX -UCCE)
  •   Concerto (EnsemblePro)
  •   Genesys
  •   Nortel (CCMIS, MAX, Symposium)
  •   Rockwell
  •   Siemens
  •   Solidus


Additional data may be gathered from a number of sources including;

  • ODBC Compliant Databases
  • Help Desk solutions
  • Email system (queue information)
  • Sales Data metrics


Also, LightLink has a feature which allows calculations to be carried out on the incoming data in real-time. A typical example is where a client wants to aggregate two separate queue values, such as Calls Waiting fields, and display the result on-screen. However these calculations can be more involved if the end result requires it.

LightLink supports a variety of display types which start with LED wallboards and includes Desktop software, LCD Multimedia software and Web page outputs for use both on a PC or mobile device.

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