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Desktop Software

Desktop software is often used to augment other displays, such as LCD screens or LED Wallboards, and allows the same data to be displayed on each user’s PC as would be seen on the main displays. Some clients’ prefer to use Desktop software alone and, as the licences are separate from the other display types, this is a popular option.

There are several options for Desktop software when using Inova’s LightLink product and these fall into two categories, namely Agent and Supervisor.

Agent software, as the name suggests, is aimed at call centre agents and allows them to view data items which have been pre-configured by a Supervisor on the LightLink system. The Inova product we are referring to here is called Marquee.


As with all Inova display products, thresholds can be set for each item to alert the user to a problem, such as a large queue of calls or unavailability of agents. Thresholds can be used to change the colour of the foreground or background.

User messaging is also included so that Supervisors can send messages to the Agents, either individually or as members of a group.

By contrast the Supervisor Desktop, Datalink, is more often used to create one or more custom displays that typically show the data in a grid view, although graphical views are also possible.

A feature of the Inova Desktop software is the ability to cause it to ‘pop-up’ from a minimised state when a particular event occurs, such as a larger than usual call queue.