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Our range of products

Our products fall into two broad categories, namely Call Centre  ‘Real Time’ systems and Digital Signage products. However it is often the case that these two product sets merge into one as more clients want to mix Real Time data with multi-media information.

Real-Time Call Centre Displays

To deal with the Call Centre applications first, the key here is getting the data from the ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) system so as to provide displays using  KPIs (Key Performance Indicators AKA Call Metrics). The systems we supply are able to gather data from a variety of such ACDs including, but not limited to;

•    Aspect
•    Alcatel
•    Avaya (Definity – BCMS – CMS – Aura)
•    Cisco (UCCX -UCCE)
•    Concerto (EnsemblePro)
•    Genesys
•    Nortel (CCMIS, MAX, Symposium)
•    Rockwell
•    Siemens
•    Solidus

But it doesn’t stop there as often clients will want to display other Real Time information alongside the Call Centre data.

So we can add in any data from a ODBC compliant database or Help Desk ticket information, email queues and other relevant information.

Finally we take all of the above information and display it alongside multi-media content to provide an interesting as well as informative display.

Output devices we can display Real Time data on include the “traditional” LED wallboard, Supervisor and Agent Desktop software or large LCD screens, the latter being particularly suitable for providing rich multi-media displays.

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage is a term which describes a product capable of displaying an image on a large screen, typically an LCD device.  Such displays may contain a number of different elements that go to make up a pleasing and informative display.

Good Digital Signage solutions should be easy to manage by the end-user (not an IT person) and if this is the case we find that often the information displayed is kept fresh, up-to-date and relevant. Our solutions are always aimed at the end-user and we make sure you know how to make full use of the system during our on-site training.

The Digital Signage product is usually connected to one, or more, LCD screens but we have customers who use Plasma or even Digital Projectors and can advise on the relative merits of each type.