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LCD Screens and Fixings

MXD have been providing displays for Call Centres and similar applications for many years and have a wealth of experience in the field.


Traditionally, Call Centres have used LED wallboards due to their high visibility and good reliability. This type of display can be used to show simple graphics and also play sounds to coincide with various events, such as an increasing call queue.

However in recent years the flexibility of the large screen Plasma or LCD display has been recognised. These display types can still be used to display the statistics, just as it would appear on an LED wallboard, but they can also display much more, including TV, Video, high-resolution graphics or just about any kind of media supported by the PC platform.

The Plasma display is suitable for general use but does suffer from one major problem if used to display the same information for a long period, that of screen burn. This can be alleviated to some degree by use of the tools often provided by this type of screen and also by rotating the screen displays to minimise the effect.

Now LCD screens are available at much lower prices and these have the big advantage that the screen burn problem is almost non-existent, therefore these are currently the best choice for this type of application.

We advise against the use of some of the cheaper domestic grade screens as we have found that they are not always up to the job. For instance for business applications the screen needs to be capable of running at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Screens designed for the consumer market are simply not built for this kind of use and often the warranty will be voided if used in this way.

All screens that we supply can be wall or ceiling mounted and we can provide suitable mountings for most situations. As you might expect, we offer a full installation service for any display device we supply.