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LCD Large Screen Displays

One of the most popular methods of displaying data in the call centre today is to make use of LCD screens, which are now relatively cheap and reliable.

The big advantage is the ability of the software to show more than just data. Previously wallboards would only be able to show data, plus messages and a few graphics, that was it.

Now, in addition to the call data, it is possible to show other information such as weather, traffic, movie, flash and even live TV. This makes the display more informative than just showing the call stats and has the added effect that agents tend to take more notice of the information displayed – including the stats!


It also allows you to customise the screen with your own branding and colour scheme, making more use of your investment in the process

Also, the data display options are much wider, for instance you can now display data in a graph or as a pie chart or gauge.

What’s more, you can also display more than one page of information.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of all is the ability for you to create and manage your own screens meaning that you can keep the display information fresh and are not reliant on any third-party to do this for you.

Using this type of display requires a PC to run the software for each unique display. The specification of this PC can be supplied on request but suffice to say it does not need to be a top end device.

Also, you can use one PC to drive one or many screens, please see the link (right) to our Video Hardware page for more details.

At MXD we have many years of experience with displaying data and can advise on-screen types and sizes suitable for the purpose.