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Digital Signage Products

Our products fall into two broad categories, namely Call Centre¬† ‘Real Time’ systems and Digital Signage products. However it is often the case that these two product sets merge into one as more clients want to mix Real Time data with multi-media information. Here, we deal with the Digital Signage products we offer.

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage is a term that describes a product that is capable of displaying an image on a large screen, typically an LCD device, that may contain a number of different elements that go to make up an informative and pleasing display.

Each element of the display should provide the viewer with some kind of information, such as details about your company or organisation, news, weather, sport, financial information etc.

A good display should be informative, but not overloaded with information, be balanced in its content and be easy to read. We have many years of experience in producing such displays and all of our installations will include the design of one, or more, such displays to meet your requirements.

But good Digital Signage solutions should be easy to manage by the end-user (not an IT person) and where this is the case we find that often the information displayed is kept fresh, up-to-date and relevant. Our solutions are always aimed at the end-user and we make sure you know how to make full use of the system during our on-site training.

The heart of any good Digital Signage system is the Content Management application which should be intuitive, flexible and capable of creating the kind of display you can be proud of.

Many new features have arrived in the Digital Signage market in recent years and one of these is the support for touch screen devices. These allow the user to interact with the screen to find more information on the subject of their choice. A typical example is the use of Digital Signage in wayfinding applications where the screen(s) become a means to locate a person, department or retail outlet in a large campus, corporate headquarters or shopping mall.

The Digital Signage product is usually connected to one, or more, LCD screens but we have customers who use Plasma or even Digital Projectors and can advise on the relative merits of each type.

Often the same information may be required on more than one screen and where this is the case, we offer a range of Video distributions products which will not only save you money but will reduce the head count of PCs being used to support your Digital Signage system.

Finally, one important consideration is how scaleable the solution is. You may only want a few screens now but what if, in 6 months time, you wish to expand this to include other sites in your organisation? Will the solution allow you to expand it and, more importantly manage it when you have 50, 100 or more screens?¬† All our solutions allow for this possibility and many installations do indeed start out with just one or two screens. That said our largest implementation to date has many hundreds of screens so it’s important that the products we offer can be upgraded in this way.

Digital Signage has evolved over recent years, and continues to do so. The products we offer have also evolved and represent what we believe to be the best on the market today.