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Call Centre Displays

Our products fall into two broad categories, namely Call Centre  ‘Real Time’ systems and Digital Signage products. However it is often the case that these two product sets merge into one as more clients want to mix Real Time data with multi-media information. Here we deal with Call Centre real-time displays.

Real-Time Call Centre Displays

For the call centre environment, showing the current state of the system is paramount to running an efficient and effective service. This typically means showing information on Calls Waiting, Longest Call Waiting, Agents available, Service Level etc. all in Real Time. Furthermore this information will often vary from one area of the call centre to another meaning that any system must be flexible enough to gather all the data that is likely to be wanted but only showing that which is relevant to each area on the selected screen(s).

The key to any real-time display system is getting the data from the ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) system so as to provide displays using  KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators AKA Call Metrics). The systems we supply are able to gather data from a variety of such ACDs including, but not limited to;

•    Aspect
•    Alcatel
•    Avaya (Definity – BCMS – CMS – Aura)
•    Cisco (UCCX -UCCE)
•    Concerto (EnsemblePro)
•    Genesys
•    Nortel (CCMIS, MAX, Symposium)
•    Rockwell
•    Siemens
•    Solidus

But it doesn’t stop there as often clients will want to display other Real Time information alongside the Call Centre data.

So we can add in any data from a ODBC compliant database, Help Desk tickets, email queues and other relevant information.

Finally we take all of the above information and display it on the selected display device(s). Output devices we can display Real Time data on include the “traditional” LED wallboard, Supervisor and Agent Desktop PC software or large LCD screens, the latter being particularly suitable for providing rich multi-media displays. Also, we now have the ability to show real-time information on a series of HTML (Web) page making the data truly cross-platform

Often we find that our clients opt for LCD displays since they allow more information to be displayed in addition to the all-important call statistics. This also allows for a more flexible kind of display that gives a richer experience as these screens are able to show other information such as weather, news, sport etc. In our experience, call centre Agents often take more notice of a screen that isn’t just showing a series of coloured numbers.